Live @ the KuFa!

by Devnull

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Live gig @ the KuFa, 13/06/2017. We opened for Helmet and Harmonic Generator.


released June 13, 2017

Recorded by Gigi at the KuFa!

Album cover taken by Olga from




Devnull Luxembourg

It all started when Mark and I (Stephen) met in driving school in 2003. Mark quickly started checking out my bass guitar and that’s how things started.
We kicked about for a few years, went through a few drummers... the usual... when one day I was sitting at the bar and I started talking to a dude. That's where I met Boris who expressed an interest in rockin' out.
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Track Name: Neoliberal

Verse 1
Their juvenile philosophy
Outs the lie to their democracy
A reckless quest for supremacy
The nature of their barbarity

Don’t ask to know the reasons why
Alone in a gutter we’re left to die
No compunctions for who they kill
Profit margins will grease that thrill

Law of the jungle, Digitized
We’re all expendable in their eyes

Social Darwinism is disguise
For our own good we’re not allowed to be free
All opposition suppressed
There’s no free thought allowed for me or you

Verse 2
What do they require, what do they need
Complete capitulation is all I see
No negotiation, no common ground
Crypto-fascists know no bounds

Crypto-fascists Is what they are
We know exactly what they are

Track Name: Feed Me!
Feed Me!
Verse 1
New show to watch, new phone to buy,
A new style of jeans and shoes to try,
That designer backpack sure looks sweet,
Gimme more of that corn-fed shit to eat.

Feed me!
(Gimme more!)
Feed me!

Verse 2
Check out my car, can’t get enough of that,
Need a new job to pay for all this crap,
Get a loan from the bank pay it off in ten years,
Consume more shit while I fall in arrears

Get two jobs for the modern day equivalent of neighbour’s envy, 16 hours of work a day so I can look just as much of a corporate sponsorship deal as the next snowflake walking down the street. Great!


Verse 3
More spoon-fed garbage coming my way,
See it on the TV every fucking day,
The fear of being left out of the loop all alone,
Scare to be ostracized and disowned,

Being fed fear intravenously,
(Feed me!)
Terror attacks and new shoes from Nike,
(Feed me!)
Economic collapse, no job security,
Feed me!
Track Name: No Gods! No Masters!
No Gods! No Masters!

Verse 1
Beware of prophets claiming knowledge of old,
No man knows the laws of chimeric gods.
And beware of time thieves offering gold,
For when it’s gone they won’t spare the rod.

Snake oil merchants with a spiel for your ballot,
Elect your masters for the next five years.
Those masters have master; the lobby and wallet,
Your vote and voice worth less than your tears.

You don’t need them
(No gods, no masters)
They need you
To believe

Verse 2
Fairy tales and lies, force and oppression,
The tools of their trade are known of old.
Golden chains binding them to succession,
They welcome more slaves into the fold.


Verse 3
These repeated beliefs they’ve been taught,
And you’ve no need to follow their herd.
No need to give up what our fathers have wrought,
For slave wages and tales of the absurd.

For pats on the head and praise from your betters,
They’ll demand you part with freedom and choice.
For you to do just as they have,
For you to give up, to give up your voice.
Track Name: Shame

Verse 1
Aid given to the third world
With conditions verging on the absurd
They facilitate your corporate theft
Squeezing them of what little is left

Verse 2
Grey soot covers all
Faded paint on cracked walls
Countless towns crippled by poverty
'Cause you shipped all their jobs overseas

You steel it all away!
You do it in our name!
I'm dying of the shame!

Verse 3
You bomb civilians on live TV
You shamelessly commit these atrocities
You say it's in the name of democracy
Yet you guard oil wells from those would see


Break down
Did you hope we wouldn't notice?
Did you think we wouldn't care?
We're keeping count, it's all noted down
For when we even the score