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A track about the dichotomy between how we westerners are presented to the world and what's actually done in our name.



Verse 1
Aid given to the third world
With conditions verging on the absurd
They facilitate your corporate theft
Squeezing them of what little is left

Verse 2
Grey soot covers all
Faded paint on cracked walls
Countless towns crippled by poverty
'Cause you shipped all their jobs overseas

You steel it all away!
You do it in our name!
I'm dying of the shame!

Verse 3
You bomb civilians on live TV
You shamelessly commit these atrocities
You say it's in the name of democracy
Yet you guard oil wells from those would see


Break down
Did you hope we wouldn't notice?
Did you think we wouldn't care?
We're keeping count, it's all noted down
For when we even the score


from Live @ the KuFa!, released June 13, 2017
All music and lyrics by Devnull




Devnull Luxembourg

It all started when Mark and I (Stephen) met in driving school in 2003. Mark quickly started checking out my bass guitar and that’s how things started.
We kicked about for a few years, went through a few drummers... the usual... when one day I was sitting at the bar and I started talking to a dude. That's where I met Boris who expressed an interest in rockin' out.
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